Nitin Batavale

The genuine and unfailingly cheery ‘Hi, Ma’am/ Sir!’ that he greets you with, is an instant mood-lifter. And Nitin should know a thing or two about the perks of staying positive. From the nondescript village of Kemburlee to the buzzing Mumbai metropolis; from a tenth-fail working at a Dadar juice centre to growing into his position as Admin Head, HTI; from a scrawny lad to a doting dad who regularly hits the gym, there is inspiration written all over this young man’s life story. His belief is simple and strong – trust yourself and make your decision. It’s a belief that lends quiet power to everything he does.

    “The Outsourced Training Department” to hospitality & service organisations like Ginger Hotels, Kamats’ Restaurants, Oberoi, Air India, Mamagoto…