GINGER NASHIK – CHEERS TO LEARNING! Posted on: September 03, 2016 17:59:53

Kaushal Dutta reports on the 3-day training session conducted for Ginger Nashik by a team force of 9 HTI trainers.

The Ginger Nashik training was different from the rest of the trainings we do! For one, the training team comprised Ayan Pal, Rajat Saha, Alpesh Renuse, Kishan Bole, Patrick Aguiar, Sujit Bavachakar, Rahul Sawant, Manisha Khamgaokar and myself; the entire squad dedicated to Ginger Hotels. The ‘Naughty Nine’ came together for the trial run of the 3-day programme conducted for the Ginger corporate training team. We started with our modest introductions on how we began our careers which, I guess, left the greatest impact. The first day proceeded with the session conducted by trainers Patrick and I, for the mixed departmental team, which included discussions on the changes desired by Ginger in the reporting system.

From Day 2, our team started with the new action plan followed by a memorable fun-n-fish lunch at a local Malwani restaurant with the Ginger corporate team. It was a great bonding occasion initiated by HTI. Our team did not take time to get back to action, wherein Alpesh, Rahul and Kishan delivered an amazing session which was appreciated by the participants as well as the corporate team. In the evening, we had a memorable picture-taking session with the entire Ginger team before the corporate team departed. The day ended for Team HTI with a fantastic learning trip to Sula Vineyards organised by the Ginger’s Manager Mr Hasan.

Day 3 started with training by three instructors, while the rest of the team brainstormed to complete the reporting system as desired; combined with streamlining our session plan for the future. The day concluded with an exciting teambuilding game conducted by our veteran coach Ayan, which gripped 24 participants for an hour, followed by the closing of the session by Patrick, HTI’s Ginger Partner Manager. It seemed as if the three power-packed days were over in a blink, adding value to the participants as well as the entire HTI team!

-Kaushal Dutta, CEO