My Thoughts - HTI turns 15 Posted on: February 06, 2017 07:57:53

HTI Director Dominic CostaBir muses over all the priceless things he has been blessed with since HTI’s birth in February 2, 2002.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 0830 hours, 02/02/17 and the greetings start pouring in. Happy 15th birthday HTI! I whisper to myself... I turn nostalgic but only momentarily… I've a big meeting to prepare for. Next thing it's 2330 hours and I'm just back in my hotel room. I video record a congratulatory message to Team HTI and Whatsapp it to them.

I wind up my email replies and before turning into bed I'm nostalgic again. It seems like just yesterday - 02/02/02 - that we inaugurated HTI at the hands of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

My thoughts veer to my team mates... the ownership they claim. What a team. We scrap a lot but bond well and produce amazing results. I think of teammates that moved on and feel the loss. I miss each and every one of them. Team HTI past or present, you make my journey worthwhile. Money can't buy that feeling. Awesome!

I think of the difference Team HTI is making to waiters and customer-facing personnel. The encouragement to deliver wow service and create loyal customers. But mainly the motivation we provide to learn and grow. Then years later bumping into them in some part of the world, celebrating their achievements and listening to their expression of love and gratitude for a lesson delivered years ago that changed their lives. Money can't buy that feeling! Awesome!

I think about my own growth from floundering to keep HTI afloat in Mumbai. To aggressively leading HTI on a global march - and yes, still floundering often enough! But I've come a long way. And with a strong committed team, an awesome cause and a world in need of personalised service, it's no wonder time flies. Money can't buy that feeling! Awesome!