Foggy Weather & Silver Linings Posted on: December 21, 2016 08:52:28

Nidhi Amarpuri, Training Manager, reports on the recent HBKBH training session in fog-filled Ludhiana.

December 2017. It's biting cold and a blanket of fog has enveloped the city as it grapples with the North India winter. Visibility is down to a few metres. But we are HTIians and the show must go on - no excuse. The all-woman team of Local Language Trainers (LLTs) - Ritika, Pooja and Puneeta – is travelling from Chandigarh to Ladian, in Ludhiana en route to the Indo Canadian Academy, to conduct the Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai (HBKBH) session for the school bus drivers and attendants.

Despite the cold, the mood is gung-ho and they are raring to rock the training conducted in association with QED for Tata Motors.

With the cold and fog relegated to the back of their minds, they plunge into the session. At the school, the training begins as they explain to the bus personnel the finer points in handling students, parents, behaviour, etiquette, manners, responsibility and emergency situations. It is always heartening to see the staff eagerly absorb the learning, instructed in simple language, and through effective role-play and games. In fact, so impressed by the LLTs’ contribution is the Ms Jaskiran Kaur, Principal, that she honours them with the Guest of Honour award!

The recognition doesn’t stop there – on December 11, four local Punjab newspapers including Jagbani, Dainik Jagran, Ajit Samachar and PBI Jagran, also publish reports about HBKBH!

Recognition aside, for the all-woman team from HTI however, the deepest joy comes from knowing that they are doing their bit to make society a little safer for our children and more meaningful for the bus personnel. For when the fog of ignorance is lifted, the sun shines through easily!