Service Skills & Some Wildlife! Posted on: December 01, 2016 09:18:14

HTI’s Senior Training Manager Annadas Israel, better known as Andy, reports on his recent training at the gorgeous Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha…

Practical and hands-on, the two-day training at Singinawa Jungle Lodge was successful in more ways than one… It was my first time in a forest and I must say my heart did skip a beat occasionally!

The days were busy as back-to-back sessions saw me taking the Service and Housekeeping staff through the basics. Everything from how to receive the guest with a welcome drink and face towel, to the Meet-Greet-Seat exercise at the restaurant, to how to handle pre-plated and a la carte service… They were eager to learn and to put their learning into practice on the guests.

I noted their willingness to understand the importance of little details in guest etiquette, such as knocking at the guest’s room door and then stepping aside so they are not directly looking into the room. As I gave practical demonstrations and then observed them put it into practice, I could sense the increase in their confidence. A few of them honestly admitted to me that in the past there had been occasions when they had actually fled on spotting a guest!

The village women employed at the resort were not so easy to convince… They claimed that standing and mopping floors felt too strange and that they preferred squatting on the haunches and swabbing the floors. Once I explained that their method could lead to back ache and increased doctor’s bills, they were more open to my technique!

On a personal note, the highpoint of this training session came on my last morning there… I had been retiring to my room at 7 pm and hitting the sack as soon as possible – the darkness is not my friend, you see. Anyway, this morning, I woke up at around 5.30 am, awakened by a soft, muffled yet mysterious sound. I went across to the window and lifted the edge of the curtain to peep out. And then my jaw dropped: deer, deer and even more deer! The entire grassy expanse outside my cottage was occupied by these beautiful, gentle chital, enjoying a quiet breakfast before they could get on with the day’s work.
Oh deer, maybe the forest is not a place to be feared, after all!

Singinawa is Special!

Singinawa Jungle Lodge propagates ecologically responsible tourism and offers the discerning traveller the unique opportunity to observe the elusive tiger in its natural habitat and become aware of the thoughtful conservation work that is being taken up in the region.

Attuned to sustainable tourism, they largely employ locals, who love their world and don't have to travel for employment.

Singinawa's spirit is rooted in its commitment to patrons, quality of services and the promise of responsible eco-tourism. All this without compromising on a sumptuous experience… Each of its 12 cottages and 2 jungle bungalows are tastefully designed with large bedrooms, private veranda, en-suite bathrooms with double vanities & rain showers, air conditioning & mini bar.

Singinawa Jungle Lodge offer tourists the added opportunity to accompany trained naturalists on a tour of the local eco-system. The resort also boasts the 1000 square feet Museum of Life and Art within the estate, an ode to the indigenous Gond and Baiga artisans and their labors of love.