Guest Is Truly God! Posted on: March 26, 2015 11:08:38

GIG i.e. Guest Is God is one of HTI’s most powerful and popular training programs. As a trainer, initially I looked at GIG as any other skill development module. To my surprise, the first GIG training program that we conducted for Ginger Hotels, Pune, in 2013, turned out be amazingly effective and highly thought-provoking!.

That’s when I started analyzing GIG closely and realized that unless the entire organization - from the lowest level to the CEO - thinks in the same paradigm, it will be difficult to get customer loyalty. It is not good service that gets customer loyalty; it is going beyond good service that ensures repeat patronage.

GIG is a training program which brings together every employee of an organization – from the top to the bottom – to understand how customers are and how they should be treated. GIG is designed in such way that each participant is made to participate, think and grow… It addresses points like: Why & How are you working in this organization? It helps participants analyze and identify what is missing in their attitude. I have seen 18 to 70-year-old participants equally and enthusiastically participating, and thoroughly enjoying this self-learning process. It helps participants see the customer as a guest and realize.that yes, Guest Is God.

-Vinod Shetty, CEO - LEAD