DRIVING CONFIDENCE! Posted on: October 28, 2016 05:42:49

KAUSHAL DUTTA reports on the recent Express Star Forum - training for Local Language Trainers in Nagpur.
HTI’s 2-day Express Star Forum (ESF) training - for Local Language Trainers (LLTs) is part of the Humare Bus Ki Baat Hai (HBKBH) programme. HBKBH is conducted in association with QED Events. It is aimed to ensure safe and comfortable travel of children by bus, to school and back.

The LLTs are from different backgrounds and industry and most have never trained before. The content and modules that they conduct are interesting and easy to understand. When the videos of sessions in progress and the written content are shared with them, their confidence soars – it looks easy!

However, come delivery time and they are hit by stage fright and a loss for words!

This is the most challenging and satisfying task - motivating them, guiding them and encouraging them back! End of day one or latest beginning of day two and participants are enjoying themselves and confidently volunteer to deliver mock sessions. Take Manisha, who was terrified after her attempt and insisted she would deliver only the next day. Time and the others helped her understand the content and delivery and she went on to deliver a flawless session. Was she overjoyed!? Weren't we all!?

The bonding too takes place as day one we are strangers but by day two we are friends - learning, encouraging, exchanging anecdotes and joking. By the end of ESF the LLTs leave with an expanded friend circle and brimming with anticipation of their first live HBKBH. What I loved was the promise they made to introduce others to the concept - Confidence is contagious!