BOP Bonanza! Posted on: March 26, 2015 11:08:38

HTI focuses on training the Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP) segment (i.e. the frontline staff) of the hospitality industry. It is the frontline staff of the hospitality/ service industry who deal with customers and are thus in a position to make or break a business…

Generally, the BOP segment comes from the less privileged section of society. Apart from training them to excel at work, we wanted to empower them and make a difference to their lives by providing them an opportunity to live a better life.

HTI specialises in outsourcing the training department of hospitality organisations. Our defined training and monitoring processes have earned us clientele like – Pan India Food Solutions Ltd (Spaghetti Kitchen, Noodle Bar & Copper Chimney), Ginger Hotels (a TATA Enterprise), VITS Hotels, Kamat’s Restaurants, Indian Cookery (Sanjeev Kapoor’s – The Yellow Chilli & Sura Vie), Speciality Restaurants Ltd (Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Kibhee & Sigree)... Oberoi Airport Services – India and Mauritius, GCC – Saudi Arabia, Kanifushi and OBLU by Atmosphere, Maldives... We also train staff in allied industries like hospitals, multiplexes, cinemas, banks and luxury brands...

As you can see, working with the BOP segment has exposed HTI to a huge market with tremendous scope... and this is making HTI the leader in the hospitality industry training segment not just nationally, but internationally too.

Personally, I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction when we see people who have been trained by us, growing and achieving. One such example is Mithun Mondal who was a Housekeeping Attendant around seven years ago… Today, he has grown to the position of Housekeeping Area Manager of Ginger Hotels - South. Mithun and other achievers like him are certainly Stars of HTI!

In order to motivate people out there, Team HTI too has to keep itself motivated through constant ‘Self Improvement’. …And this ‘Self Improvement’ weapon is truly the secret of HTI’s and Team HTI’s success!

-Kaushal Dutta, CEO