…OF CATS, MICE & A NARAD MUNI! Posted on: September 13, 2016 13:44:36

Karalyn Hendricks, Head LLT, relates the one lesson that took time learning at Team HTI’s training for its teammates at Nature Trails, Durshet, Maharashtra.

Narad Muni: Dominic CostaBir
Big Cats & Mice: Two teams of HTI (who have to realise that they are actually only one team)

In the concrete Vashi jungle where HTI’s office thrives, amicably live Big Cats, Mice and a Narad Muni. The Big Cats and Mice greet each other every morning, chase one another at lunch and by evening tea, have sorted out their territories. Narad Muni has a big role to play in this game of ‘Catch & Cook’.

The Big Cats roar, the Mice squeal and Narad Muni is happy.

One day, Narad Muni says the Mice have to roar. “I don’t know how, but they have to roar,” is his shocking declaration. The Mice are in a tizzy. How are they to roar?! They can barely squeak! They approach the Big Cats with their dilemma. The Big Cats roar louder!!

To make the play more interesting, Narad Muni takes them to a real jungle in Durshet.

On Day 1, Narad Muni organises a treasure hunt. The Big Cats and Mice are running about searching for the treasure. At the end of the day, some Mice have found the treasure but refuse to part with it, although it can’t be opened without the Big Cats’ contribution! Narad Muni is happy. The evening sees Narad Muni in splits when another game they’re playing goes for a toss... the Mice are finding their voice!

Day 2 has the Big Cats and Mice fighting for first place in various outdoor and indoor games.

By the end of Day 3, the Mice have roared themselves sore and have left the Big Cats squeaking.
However, Narad Muni is not pleased. In all the fun and games, neither the Big Cats nor the Mice have realised that they are actually only one team.

The Big Cats and Mice need to change the way they think and feel about their workplace. It is the need to COLLABORATE anywhere, in a natural way and with impact, which is key to the future workplace.

…But the journey back sees the Big Cats, Mice & Narad Muni playing cards amicably… for the time being… heh heh!

- Karalyn Hendricks, Head LLT