OBLU: WORK MEETS FUN! Posted on: September 08, 2016 11:53:59

Shalan Gosavi, Senior Training Manager, reports on the HTI-OBLU resort training program from Helengeli, Maldives.

At the sprawling OBLU resort in stunning Maldives, HTI’s training program has been in progress for close to a year. It has been shaping up amazingly in terms of developing departmental trainers and colleagues. HTI has introduced various training modules such as BIT – Basic Information Technology, FLOW – Foreign Language Orientation for Work (Chinese, German, French, Italian), HELLO – Hospitality English Learning Language for Operations and FAST – Fundamentals of Assistant Stewards Training. We have also designed our induction module, IMPORT – Induction Module for Pre Operations Recruits Training.

In addition to these, there is Food Fun-das wherein an Executive Chef or Sous Chef conducts training on the cuisine fundamentals of various theme nights such as Mongolian Journey, Asian Delicacies and Taste of Maldives. All these trainings are an ongoing process along with HTI’s most remarkable training programme, ‘Vow To Wow’!

HTI has also introduced STAR Forum where we have developed the methodology to create a trainer… By using and practising our tried-and-tested methods, one can build confidence for public speaking, conduct training and become a STAR Trainer.

Last but not the least, we have also introduced the concept of Open Audit which is the exact opposite of the Mystery Audit! In this format, colleagues are aware in advance that they are going to be audited on the job and are open to receiving feedback…

In short, Training at OBLU is a fabulous experience for me! It has definitely given HTI a platform to flourish in different dimensions. As the tagline rightly says… ’OBLU – The Fun Place to Work, Live & Grow!’ I’m loving it!