GREEN SIGNALS ALL THE WAY! Posted on: September 07, 2016 10:24:27

Chandni Keshri, HTI’s LLT Manager & Partner Manager, QED, shares her experiences working on the ongoing ‘HBKBH’ project.

The aptly named as ‘Humare Bus Ki Baat Hai’ or ‘HBKBH’ training program was my first experience in the working world. And full thanks to my seniors at HTI for preparing me to rise to the challenge and ensure a smooth drive in every way!

The ‘HBKBH’ programme was initiated in association with Tata Motors to sensitise school bus drivers, conductors and attendants to the needs of children and provide training in desirable behaviour. As a fresher out of college, the prospect of coming on board as an LLT (Local Language Trainer) Manager for the programme seemed daunting. However, with the excellent training and guidance provided by Bhavin Thakkar and Alpesh Renuse, before long, I was well-equipped for the upcoming assignment. Special thanks here to Dominic CostaBir for providing valuable insights into improving my communication skills in particular.

Coming to ‘HBKBH’, it is a mammoth project which requires you to keep your eyes and ears on constant alert. The project required immense coordination with LLTs across the country, which I soon learnt to handle. It was challenging initially to explain all the details to the LLTs, such as report updates, payment status and punching in of expenses in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). With the guidance of Bhavin Thakkar, I soon mastered the skills required to handle these tasks accurately.

As of now, HTI has completed more than 850 sessions of the ‘HBKBH’ project across India, credit for which goes to HTI’s STAR (Smart Training And Research) trainers who instructed and educated our LLTs, making them proficient for the task.

Sure, a mission of such magnitude came with its share of complications; at times it was a shortage of LLTs… but every roadblock was removed with team effort. Team HTI is indeed the best team in the world! There are differences of opinion and healthy arguments, but it only leads to better learning and improved solutions. No problem proved insurmountable – after all, humare bas ki baat hai!

- Chandni Keshri, HTI’s LLT Manager & Partner Manager, QED Productions Pvt Ltd