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Think long term! Think brand building! Think house

Like a scene from the Hollywood blockbuster 'Dunston Checks In', I could see the housekeeping team hard at work. Sweeping, mopping, wiping, polishing, settling... and imagine, through that all, smilin

Self Introduction at Grub Shack, Dubai

We introduce ourselves at interviews, meetings, social gatherings... To get the job, promotion, business... we need to impress the person or how else do we progress? But too much and we appear like a

Situation Handling at Ginger Hotel

Every single day in a hotel throws up different situations. Success lies in handling them smoothly with an all-in-a-day's-work attitude. HTI's Sujit took the staff of Ginger, Pimpri Pune through a 3-d

Polishing Skills at Air India

A group of 17 senior managers and station heads of Air India deputed abroad attended HTI's CLASS (Cultural Lessons and Social Skills) workshop. Kaushal was amazed by the humility and cheerfullness wit

Coming Soon - Gateway Taproom

The owners at GatewayTaproom spared no effort or money to hire the best from pubs, fine dine, retail and standalone restaurants. But, being practical, they realised that just hiring the best does not

Building Success... at Shizusan

For success to endure, it must be built on strong pillars. HTI's Vinod took the F&B staff of Shizusan Shophouse & Bar through a training session on the Four Pillars of Success. The participants were k

Team-work & Play at Sly Tech!

Nothing binds a team as much as working together with a common purpose. This is the rationale behind the Costume Design activity that was part of the Team Building Training conducted by HTI's Digvijay

Social Skill Improvement for Spick & Span

HTI's Kaushal Dutta conducted a 2-hour monthly All Purpose Hospitality Training session for the Housekeeping staff of Spick & Span. The team, posted at the Datta Meghe Hospital in Wardha, was full of

Sequence of Service at 212 All Good

Every professional learns to do things the correct way... but at times even professionals slip up when it comes to practicising it on a daily basis!
The F&B staff of 212 All Good and Shizusan

Getting It Right at India Club Dubai!

HTI's Sushma took the F&B staff of India Club, Dubai through a training session in Meet, Greet, Seat and Equipment Handling. The enthusiastic staff were eager to improve their knowledge and clear any

Team Spirit at the Dhaba Saket

Learning via activity is not just an interesting way to learn, it's also the most lasting. The F&B team of Azure Hospitality's Dhaba by Claridges, Saket, absorbed the key aspects of Team Building duri

Building Boats & Building Leaders

Making a paper-boat, selling it and ensuring profits... the F&B staff of Bellona Hospitality's Shizusan Shophouse & Bar, Mumbai, found the activity fun and challenging. The innocuous game highlighted

Initiative in Dubai

HTI International's Dominic was in Dubai and trained the food servers, managers and chefs of Grub Shack in Initiative.
Dominic prodded participants by pointing out how, when one does take init

It's International Trainer's Day!

It's International Trainer's Day! July 23. Congratulations to trainers across the world!
Keep Learnin! Keep Growin! Keep Rockin! Keep Roarin!

Complaint Handling Made Easy!

''Don't be defensive, argumentative or take criticism personally"... This was part of HTI's detailed training on Complaint Handling, imparted to the frontline team at Ginger Manesar Hospitality person

Management Trainees enhance their Leadership Skill

A successful Hospitality professional has much to do with being a confident and self-aware individual. The MTs of Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels and Zone participated in a 2-day workshop on Leadership

Know Your Menu!

HTI's Rajat Saha took the F&B staff of Dhaba By Claridges, New Delhi, through an interactive session ensuring every member of the staff knew their menu inside out. The quiz that follow

Bonding & Learning at HTI Outbound

Highlights of HTI's Outbound program by CEO, HTI International FZE, Sushma Shetty

HTI's outbound Leadership cum Training Skills Development Program is always memorableand this time at N

Part-timers, HTI is looking for you!

July 12, 2017

Dear Friends,
Required urgently: Part-timers in Bengaluru. No prior experience - students, homemakers & professionals.

1. 'Humare Bus Ki Baat Hai' (H

Perfection is in the Details!

How does one maintain standards of an excellent brand like TATA's Ginger Hotels? For one, ensure staff, the brand ambassadors, never slip up even on the small details.
HTI's Manisha took a mi

Young Stars Prepare To Shine!

An energetic and fun-filled 3 day iCARE (Customer Care and Relationship Enhancement) training session with Air India Express's batch of 24 newly-joined cabin crew... HTI's Kaushal, Dominic, Vinod and

Power of Interactive Learning

HTI’s CEO LEAD, Vinod Shetty shares the benefits of interactive learning...

HTI targets waiters and customer facing personnel. This group generally has a low attention span and disreg

My Thoughts - HTI turns 15

HTI Director Dominic CostaBir muses over all the priceless things he has been blessed with since HTI’s birth in February 2, 2002.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 0830 hours, 02/02/17 and the g


HTI’s CEO, KAUSHAL DUTTA, shares insights into the recent workshop on Cultural Lessons And Social Skills (CLASS).

Senior Airport Managers and Station Managers with 20 to 30 years of

Foggy Weather & Silver Linings

Nidhi Amarpuri, Training Manager, reports on the recent HBKBH training session in fog-filled Ludhiana.

December 2017. It's biting cold and a blanket of fog has enveloped the city as it

Fun and Learning - The HTI Way!

HTI's Training Manager, Sujit Bavachakar reports on his 50th Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai (HBKBH) program.

"Raju has to kill a bus!" driver Sanju Bhai innocently says this over the mike, cau

Service Skills & Some Wildlife!

HTI’s Senior Training Manager Annadas Israel, better known as Andy, reports on his recent training at the gorgeous Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha…

Practical and hands-on, the two-day

Longest Commute Ever...

Riding my son's KTM 290 to work. No big deal except Dadar, Mumbai is where I call home and this time, office is Okhla Industrial Estate, Delhi! Just one way 1400 kilometres plus. It's 0400 hours and I

Team Building & Bonding By HTI

DOMINIC COSTABIR, Director, Hospitality Training Institute, shares the experiences of Team HTI at their Outbound LEAD program.

I’m lying on the grass on the banks of the Kundalika Riv



DOMINIC COSTABIR’s first-hand experience, amongst the kids who are part of Project Why, leaves him shaken and stirred…

Kabir Suri, Director Azure Hospit


KAUSHAL DUTTA reports on the recent Express Star Forum - training for Local Language Trainers in Nagpur.
HTI’s 2-day Express Star Forum (ESF) training - for Local Language Trainers (LLTs) is


DOMINIC COSTABIR, Director, Hospitality Training Institute, shares suggestions on training your service team to handle the differently abled.

An air hostess speaks badly to a differentl

HBKBH Goes Places!

Humare Bus Ki Baat Hai, HTI's training program that’s being facilitated by QED for TATA Motors, is driving change across the country...

Lucknow has just been wrapped and soon Jalandha


DOMINIC COSTABIR’s suggestions on handling potentially explosive situations between staff and guests.

Often enough, incidents of violence in a restaurant or hotel make headlines. A re


DOMINIC COSTABIR shares his latest interaction with HTI’s Senior Training Manager Annadas Israel, better known as Andy…

“Andy, why are you holding your stomach in and pushing you


Karalyn Hendricks, Head LLT, relates the one lesson that took time learning at Team HTI’s training for its teammates at Nature Trails, Durshet, Maharashtra.

Narad Muni: D

Outbound Dhamaka!

Dominic CostaBir, Director, HTI, shares a tongue-in-cheek account of the Management & Adventure Program (MAP) he conducted for Team Azure Hospitality.

"Dominic, this time around, expec


Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor on 'The Waiter' by Dominic CostaBir, Director, HTI. This book aims to transform and motivate all servers to live their BIG dreams!

"Dominic serves up


Shalan Gosavi, Senior Training Manager, reports on the HTI-OBLU resort training program from Helengeli, Maldives.

At the sprawling OBLU resort in stunning Maldives, HTI’s training pr


Chandni Keshri, HTI’s LLT Manager & Partner Manager, QED, shares her experiences working on the ongoing ‘HBKBH’ project.

The aptly named as ‘Humare Bus Ki Baat Hai’ or ‘HBKB


Kaushal Dutta reports on the 3-day training session conducted for Ginger Nashik by a team force of 9 HTI trainers.

The Ginger Nashik training was different from the rest of the training

Guest Is Truly God!

GIG i.e. Guest Is God is one of HTI’s most powerful and popular training programs. As a trainer, initially I looked at GIG as any other skill development module. To my surprise, the first GIG traini

BOP Bonanza!

HTI focuses on training the Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP) segment (i.e. the frontline staff) of the hospitality industry. It is the frontline staff of the hospitality/ service industry who deal with custome