Our Team

Dominic CostaBir

Dominic has come up the hard way – started business with Rs.350 – that’s all he had; thankfully as Director, HTI he has a little more than that now! Fun-loving 18-year-old (that’s what he thinks)! Trouble-maker (that’s what we think)! Risk-taker! Fitness freak! (Actually, just a freak). Ensures teammates grow, but be warned as he believes: No pain! No gain!

Alpesh Renuse
Senior Training Manager, Team Head - Finance

Alpesh ‘The Wall’ Renuse, a Hotel Management graduate from Kamat’s IHM. Industrial Training from Hotel Grand Hometel Sarovar, then Training Supervisor at DTSS facility management, and Training Manager with HTI. Strong, silent and effective. Strong with his views, silent unless in training and effective – results seen in his training feedback. ‘Never give up’ is his core belief, which, we must confess, we see best in action on the cricket field and gym.

Rahul Sawant
COO - Restaurants

Armed with a BSc in Hotel Management he attacked MCA Club, Blue Square Enterprises and Dilli Restaurant, UK. Joined HTI in 2014, rumour has it that it’s his charm that got him promoted to COO -Restaurants. But apparently (Director’s views) it’s his grasping capacity, hard work and ability to get along with anyone. His mother’s mission is ‘to get him married’ – imagine his own mother wants to do this to him. His own mission is to travel the world and be recognised globally for his training – and thwart Mummy’s mission, of course.

Digvijay Jamwal
COO - Hotels

Digvijay’s guiding principle – “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” Graduate in Hotel Management from the Naval Institute of Technology, his career has seen stints at Gordon House Hotel, Colaba; Pizza Express, Domino’s Pizza, and Zoha Foods. As COO – Hotels, HTI, he handles a range of training programmes and wins kudos for his knowledge and easy professionalism. The best applause, he claims, is reserved for his handmade pizzas whipped up in the HTI pantry. Really, did we even have one?

Debabrata Pradhan
Training Manager

A degree-holder from the Global Institute of Hotel Management, Deb, as he is popularly called, worked as Assistant Restaurant Manager, Punjabi Dhaba, Bangalore. Now Training Manager with HTI, he’s thrilled to demonstrate the right way to deliver great hospitality. He rates being strong-minded (read stubborn), and a smart worker (nags the hell out of colleagues) among his strengths, but thankfully he himself admits that he’s a long way off from being able to croon his favourite Rabindra Sangeet in front of a crowd! Phew!

Rajat Saha
Head - North, Team Head - History

Rajat loves giving gyan but then he was a Senior Lecturer at Heritage IHM, Simla, and DSMS Management Institute! Thankfully stints in Singapore with Palate Vine Holdings, The Great Kabab Factory, and Holiday Inn blended lecturing with practicality and he slipped easily into his role of Senior Training Manager and Head-North at HTI. His valuable insights, and decision-making skills are his strengths. Friends and family insist he is a super chef (his claim!) Now we gather we are neither friends nor family.

Shalan Gosavi
COO – Retail & Hospitals

Trainee (Orchid Hotel) to Brewmaster (Barista) to Guest Relations Manager (VITS Hotel) to Trainer (HTI) – now promoted to COO – Retail & Hospitals. The 12-year journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing for this fisherman’s daughter. But Shalan tackles personal and professional storms with equal elan – some tears, some fears but mostly like a buccaneer; cutlass drawn. Easily disarmed by homemade fried fish, fish curry and rice.

Kaushal Dutta

The sincere and straight-forward Kaushal comes with vast experience that followed her M Tech degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, LAD, Nagpur. A Master’s in Hospitality & Tourism Management, she has worked at the Taj Bengal, Kolkata, and The Pride Hotel, Nagpur. A passionate trainer with a penchant for Housekeeping and F&B Service, Kaushal’s visits to the Mumbai office are always looked forward to – also for the basket of Nagpur oranges she invariably brings!

Annadas Israel
Senior Training Manager

Starting off as a delivery boy for a courier company might explain Andy’s boundless energy and the fact that he seems to be in a constant rush! A Housekeeping stint in Siemens, followed by the same at HTI… and fate took him places – or was it Andy’s own irrepressible energy? One of HTI’s best loved and in demand trainers today, the ever-smiling bloke is also adored by clients for the tons of chocolate brownies he bakes at Christmas. What we love about Andy is that he has decided to train Dominic (Director) and improve him. Poison kills poison, you know.

Kishan Bole
Senior Training Manager, Team Head - QAMAD

‘No, please,’ comes the smiling refusal to the HTI Director’s request for snacks in the training room. Kishan is a stickler for systems and doing the right thing. A beacon of positivity, it’s difficult to stay unimpressed by Kishan. From a ‘tenth fail’, to working as a janitor and store keeper, today he’s one of HTI’s proudest success stories. Name the topic and he is ready to train. ‘Believe in yourself’ is clearly not something he only claims to believe in.

Manisha Khamgaonkar
Senior Training Manager, Team Head – PM

A graduate from SNDT college, it has been quite a leap for Manisha from handling her own food catering service to becoming a Local Language Trainer (LLT) to now a Project Leader (PL) to a key client. A firm believer in “whatever happens, happens for the best”, she passionately (read: with temper and laughter) co-ordinates with over 350 of HTI’s LLTs spread across India. Manisha is a doer and is currently challenged to develop and maintain systems. She’s got a killer smile – and a temper to match.

Javed Afsar
Administrative Assistant

Salman Khan fan, Tally (software) trainee, and Graphic Designer – strictly in that order, young Javed wears many hats with a smile. Dabbling in design, admin and now training too at HTI, he believes in making the work you do, your own. The sweet, silent type, it came as something of a shock to teammates to discover much later that the baby-faced boy was already a father! Delivering surprises is also an art, you know.

Aaron Fernandes
Corporate Communications Assistant (Films Division)

From McDonalds, to a BPO and a stint at Magna Publications, the pleasant-faced Aaron is currently juggling his education at Wilson College with Corporate Communications (Film Division) at HTI. Armed with his trust in God and his parents, and a never say no attitude, he also manages to make time for football and travelling. But no buses, please – that’s the one thing guaranteed to make the ever-smiling Aaron decidedly frown!

Sushma Shetty
CEO – HTI International FZE

Sushma has come a long way… from fashion designer to running her own venture, to EA to Dominic, Director, to CEO – HTI International FZE. But then Dominic’s not easy to work with (did we say that?). So Sushma holds the record for maximum resignations via WhatsApp, email, SMS and verbally.

Shankar Singh
Training Manager

Sailing the high seas with Royal Caribbean has taught the ruddy-cheeked, baby-faced Shankar (? how does he manage to look so young) to smile even during stormy weather – and there is a lot of it in the hospitality industry! The urge to learn constantly drives him to read, ask questions and fulfill his dreams of taking HTI to the high altitudes of his hometown, Nepal. From the mountains to the seas and back, he has come a long way, baby!

Sujit Bavachkar
Senior Training Manager, Team Head – F&B Service

Still waters run deep, is how one would best describe Sujit. A BBA in Marketing and a PG in Hospitality Management with experience at Mast Kalandar and ISS, the very mild Sujit could never be accused of contributing to noise pollution! However, it is during training that he is transformed into an energetic instructor with an instant connect with any hospitality staff. Today, travelling the length and breadth of the country as a trainer with HTI, he has visibly come into his own.

Ayan Pal
Managing Partner – East

IHM Bhubaneswar, 1999. Worked for Club Himalaya Nagarkot, Nepal; Royal Mirage, Dubai; Al Bustan Intercontinental, Muscat; and Move n Pick, Doha. He joined Aramak Patman Services Pvt Ltd as Training Executive – pan India. When not busy training or eating his favourite Bengali fish curry, he enjoys good Bengali authored novels by Nimay Chatterjee, Samoresh Bose and Shirshndu Chatterjee. Besides being the Managing Partner – East, Ayan also takes care of HTI’s training in Housekeeping and F&B service.

Nitin Batavale
Team Head – Administration

The genuine and unfailingly cheery ‘Hi, Ma’am/ Sir!’ that he greets you with, is an instant mood-lifter. And Nitin should know a thing or two about the perks of staying positive. From the nondescript village of Kemburlee to the buzzing Mumbai metropolis; from a tenth-fail working at a Dadar juice centre to growing into his position as Admin Head, HTI; from a scrawny lad to a doting dad who regularly hits the gym, there is inspiration written all over this young man’s life story. His belief is simple and strong – trust yourself and make your decision. It’s a belief that lends quiet power to everything he does.

Aditya Tanawade
Administrative Assistant

Budding Company Secretary. Aditya fits more into his day than probably the CEO of a multinational would! A pre-dawn job (delivering milk), a short nap, followed by classes at college, the rest of the day number-crunching at HTI, winding up with a gym workout – he would be easy to hate (as he makes us look like we don’t work) if he weren’t so adorable! Already a wiz with Tally, he will be enrolling in CS (Company Secretary) shortly. And what Aditya aims for, he invariably gets. As he occasionally says, “I don’t believe in luck, I only believe in hard and smart work.” He is living proof.

    “The Outsourced Training Department” to hospitality & service organisations like Ginger Hotels, Kamats’ Restaurants, Oberoi, Air India, Mamagoto…