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There’s only one person that stands between Success & You, and that’s YOU! So, step aside, and let your AURA lead you to your potential & success. Attend AURA by LEAD, on Zoom App… Become Unbreakable! Unshakable! Unstoppable! Invincible! Sessions:  • Power of AURA  • Right Habits Build AURA  • AURA unleashed through Affirmations & Focussed Imagination  • Power […]


BOSS – Business Owners Strategies & Systems

Think BIG! Like a BOSS! Most restaurant owners like to control every small detail of the functioning of their restaurants. But recently, coronavirus has made them realise that family time, peace of mind and health are a lot more valuable than having money and control. The guest too will be a changed person; extremely hygiene […]


5 Tips for Waiters to Handle Complaints…

Whether you’re a waiter, senior waiter, captain, manager or general manager of a restaurant or hotel no matter the size there is one thing that we all have to deal with whether we like it or not is a complaint! Complaints are unavoidable, it’s more of a ‘WHEN’ than an ‘IF’ situation. But since the […]

    “The Outsourced Training Department” to hospitality & service organisations like Ginger Hotels, Kamats’ Restaurants, Oberoi, Air India, Mamagoto…