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Gig Economy?

The pandemics’ hit the economy and upended the job market. Many have been rendered jobless and others will follow. But problems are opportunities. An opportunity exists in the form of the Gig Economy trend. What’s the Gig Economy? Freelance, temporary or flexible opportunities offered by companies wherein they hire independent professionals and freelancers instead of […]


Abnormal is Normal!

Covid-19 may seem like a disaster, but in fact, is an ideal opportunity for individuals to reset. Let’s rewind to before Covid-19. People were getting cool salaries, but still negotiating plumper ones. Many had an exaggerated sense of self-worth and there was no limit on what they’d negotiate while ironically demanding less work. They jumped […]


The Bright Side of COVID 19: Restaurants & Hotels.

Over the past three months, the situation has only seemed to go from bad to worse. For most businesses including the hospitality industry, though the situation may seem all grim, there’s an upside. It’s a matter of changing perspective. Here is our Positive Perspective on the seemingly negative situation… 1. Innovation is key – “Necessity […]


Learn From China; Re-open Your Restaurant

For 2 months now, India has been  in lockdown and the only certainty… is uncertainty. However, all hope is not lost. China, where the virus first started has eased restrictions; this includes opening up restaurants.  According to search engine giant ‘Baidu’, 90.6% of Beijing restaurants and 87% of Shanghai restaurants are now operational. This includes takeout […]


The Pawns of the Hospitality Industry!

With Covid around us heads will roll – no doubt about it. And what are a few heads if we have so many? Let’s learn from the game of chess to prioritise, gain perspective and rule the end game. Pawn, Bishop, Castle, Queen, King??? Which is the weakest piece on the chess board? Did you […]


Win over Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity

Fight the good fight!” I whatsapped Aakash. Insecurity and workplace pressure coupled with weight gain, health issues and an emotionally draining relationship were all exhausting him. Signs of the VUCA world, that’s increasingly used to describe the era we live in. VUCA — an acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The VUCA challenge Volatility […]


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is NOW!

This new age is being redefined by technology   Before we go too far… What is a Revolution? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines revolution as “a sudden, radical, or complete change.” Yet, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not sudden!  But, this revolution is going to be radical and will change the way we live, work and communicate […]

    “The Outsourced Training Department” to hospitality & service organisations like Ginger Hotels, Kamats’ Restaurants, Oberoi, Air India, Mamagoto…