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Diners in the early 1900s

Women weren’t seen around diners in the early 1900s. In fact, they didn’t work at diners until after WW II. Diners were stationed around factories and frequented by factory workers – not a comfortable ambience for women at the time. An article written in 1941 by Sam Yellin for ‘The Diner’ magazine encouraged the idea […]


The 15th STAR LEAD continued on Day 2

The 15th STAR LEAD continued on Day 2 with the same enthusiasm. CEO – International (UAE) Sushma addressed the team and Dominic CostaBir our (tor)mentor 🙂 continuing to instil in the team the theme ‘Back To Basics.’ Session included fun group activities. Rahul Sawant (COO Restaurants) conducted a mock session on a improved version of […]


HTI’s 15th inbound STAR LEAD

HTI’s 15th inbound STAR LEAD took off with a bang as the team descended into our HO from India and abroad. Our traditional enthusiasm for eating, meeting, learning, growing, rockin’ and roarin’ was in full attendance. CEO – India Kaushal Dutta addressed the team and Dominic CostaBir, Director and (Tor)Mentor, started us off on the […]


#StarLead, we go ‘Back to the Basics.

HTI – India team has been growing at a phenomenal pace, and while this growth has given us wings, we like to keep our roots well nourished. So this edition of #StarLead, we go ‘Back to the Basics.‘ The team revisits the basic tenets of training, from introducing ourselves to handling challenges in the training […]



HTI boasts of its trainers – their skill, hard work, and ability to deliver quality training. But, not all our trainers are naturals. In fact, most of them have come up the hard way – training and practice. #StarLead is one of the team’s most awaited training programs. The full strength of HTI’s team – […]


On Equipment Handling

HTI’s Kishan conducted a session for the staff of B Bhagat Tarachand, Mumbai where participants polished their know-how of Equipment Handling.They were also tested on what they learnt to helped clear any doubts.Training the HTI way, less lecturing and more practical learning. . . . . . . #HospitalityTraining #WaiterTraining #EquipmentHandling #ServiceTraining


A session on Think like An Owner.

What you think, you become. HTI’s Digvijay conducted a game-based session ‘Think Like An Owner’ for the staff at Mamagoto, Hyderabad. The session demonstrates how claiming ownership of their organisation actually improves job satisfaction and sets the foundation for them to, one day, own their business of their own. . . . #Training #BuildingLeaders #Hospitality […]


A session on Image Projection.

HTI’s Vishal conducted a session on Image Projection for Mamagoto, Chennai. Staff were encouraged to focus on their Physical Appearance, Grooming, Manners, and Communication, since guests, management, and people in general make decisions based on snap judgments. So if we can control others’ thoughts of us, we can control our lives.

    “The Outsourced Training Department” to hospitality & service organisations like Ginger Hotels, Kamats’ Restaurants, Oberoi, Air India, Mamagoto…